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Urban Fiesta 2018 - JAMAICA 2018

Urban Fiesta
Welcome to the 7th Urban Fiesta, the new Trend setters event for Memorial Day Weekend
Hosted in beautiful JAMAICA which does not require a passport
4 Days of parties.

JAMAICA "passport needed"

Memorial Day Weekend May 25 to the 28, 2018

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What to Expect:
A beautiful 4 day 3 night party on the beach. One of the main things about event is there is a host hotel , on a hot beach, and over 5,000 people who want to party, mix in drinks, you have instant fun. The event is like a 72 hour night club, on the beach. You will find some of the most beautiful women, and men from all other the US. People who attend prepare, and work out to get their bodies right "you're not going to find hot ghetto messes like you would at other events". Also something else, since this event require everyone to travel, you won't have the locale or semi locale broke crowd attending the events like Miami. Everyone attending can at least afford an expensive plane ticket weeding out the riff raff.

Urban Fiesta Pro and Con:


  • Upscale crowds
  • Sexy people who spend time on their bodies
  • Organized Event Schedule


  • High price "and some of the package you are forced to purchase are way over priced"
  • Some snobby ness "if you are down to earth you might not like it"
  • Limited area. you basically have to attend what the event organizer are planning, no freedom to do your own thing

What do i need to Attend:

How much does it cost:

Hotel Plus, Flight, and spending cash should run around $1,000 per person.

Urban Fiesta Events

TBA!! Events and Line up will be replace in a little while and we will update you. Join the facebook page!!

More Info
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