Tom Joyner Family Reunion


Tom Joyner Family Reunion 2016

Family Fun Tom Joyner Style. 5 Days 4 nights of Entertainment, Concert, family get togethers, and more. Travel with the family to beautiful Orlando Florida, for the 11th Annual Tom Joyner Family Reunion, sponsored by AllState.
Tom Joyner Family Renuion

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Dates: September 3 to September 7, 2016

What to Expect:
A big family reunion with people from all over the country coming down to enjoy a positive vibe with the Family. Even through it's a family reunion and the kids are the focus there is a ton for us Adults. The Package include food, theme park tickets, and a night of Day care, yes Day care! There will be a ton of concerts at the Expo, a ton of themed event, and you get to enjoy the beautiful Gary Lord Hotel and all the Amenities that come with it. So Get you Wife Get you Kids, and let's have a family vacation together!

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Tom Joyner Family Reunion Events

  • Theme Parks
  • Family Activites
  • Concerts
  • AllState Family Expo
  • Ton of Celebrite for the Kids and Grown up

What do i need to attend
Cruise Boarding pass
Air Plane Ticket
Hotel in Orlando

More Info
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