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Cancun Jump Off 2018 - Cancun Mexico 2018

Cancun Jump Off
Welcome to the Cancun Jump Off, the Largest Urban event outside of the country in beautiful Cancun!
A must attend event! Get out of the states and see how the world parties!

4 Days of parties, sexy people.

Cancun, Mexico "Passport is Required"

Memorial Day Weekend May 23 to the 28, 2018

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What to Expect:

Cancun isn't for everyone. First and foremost it cost big money. A plane ticket will cost more then you could spend driving to any of the other Memorial Day Week Black Beach Week Events. But unlike other events, Cancun is an all VIP event. Broke people don't make it to Cancun "they can't afford it". You will be meeting real ballers and shot callers, not fakers and wanna bee's. How you look and how well you take care of your body is more important then what type of car or motorcycle you drive "you car isn't there". Your game and swag is in full play.

At Cancun everything is within the Tourist zone, thousands of peoples all going to basically wild out. One weekend, 72 hours, and no time to waste bsing.

People literally live it up and spend on the best of the best. VIP all the way in one of the many mega clubs "not big clubs, mega clubs holding thousands". Top shelf liquor all the way, and hotels that actually offer all inclusive packages "food and drinks".

The quality of the women and men are insane. The women with no kids, good job, and a gym membership and the Men with good jobs, head on their should, and who work out to give the ladies something to see.

If I didn't love Black Bike Week and motorcycles so much, I would switch to Cancun ASAP.

You will not be disappointment.


Real Baller, no fakers
Sexy, Sexy and More Sexy
Top Shelf Environment catering to luxury "not the hood"

Price!! the cost is a little high
Plane Ticket "you can't drive to this event'
You need a passport
A little snobbiest with some folks, but just find someone else"

Cancun Jump Off Events


What do i need to attend
A Hotel
A Plane Ticket
About $75 to $100 spending cash per day.

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