CIAA Charlotte


CIAA 2016 - Charlotte 2016

Welcome to the CIAA, College basketball tourament with a vibrant night life!

4 Days of parties, sexy people, and basketball

Charlotte, North Carolina

Dates: Feb 27, 2014 to March 5 2016*

What to Expect:
The Night Life! The Night Life! The games are great, and the events are great, but the nightlife is what is bring some many people to the CIAA and making it a yearly Urban Event. There are a ton of day parties, and tons of stars coming for the Night Life. It's cold, so the hotels stay packed and people are getting drunk and having fun all weekend. Def a must attend!
The CIAA is a 100 year College Basketball event that takes place yearly.

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CIAA Events

TBA!! All parties and event updates will be list here on the CIAA Facebook page. Stay Tuned.. night clubs
Day parties
Happy Hours
and ofcourse the game

What do i need to attend
A Hotel
A Plane Ticket and Rental Car if you're flying in.
About $75 to $100 spending cash per day.

More Info
For More info visit the Official CIAA Facebook Page OR Official CIAA Website

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